Slicing a pomegranate has a predictable outcome, but with each slice, I discover a beautifully abstracted form.

Post-Edenic Dystopian Embroidery

Post-Edenic Dystopian embroidery challenges traditional women's work and how it is often overlooked and not taken seriously. Feminine and feminist, it is what it is, no apologies.

A Slice of Nature

A particular series inspired by shapes and structures found in nature and the use of color. Color is made with embroidery floss by tying thousands of individual french knots, many of them smaller than a poppy seed. 

Seed Heads & Pods

Each biomorphic shape and natural object is it’s own tiny world of color. The millions of individually tied knots combined with the repetitive patterns found in nature express a sense of wonder about our world and encourage us to take a slower longer look. 




Color theory and the laws of attraction

If you could look at the molecules that make up a particular relationship under a microscope, what would they look like?


This body of work is experimental and whimsical. The various designs emerge from ideas that evolve through the actual process. Each piece includes hand wrapped cords and single strand satin stitching on felted wool.